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    1. HI RAY,

    2. Sorry but cannot access any of the articles on my iPad. Only the comments could be read. Do ale has some valid observations.

  1. In light of the information in this latest issue, what steps can a resident initiate to counteract the abuse that is now or soon to be taking place?

    1. Hi Richard,

      Good question become active speak out at the assembly help get a new administration elected, crazychanges being made to our bylaws.
      Reach out and call the messenger club and give a hand.. HELP CHANGE THIS ADMINISTRATION

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  3. I understand that you run for president you have to be part of the UCO administration for several years. We should find someone from that group. What about the woman that ran last time. I understand that she lost by just a few votes.
    It is also important that the “Messenger” fold keep the rhetoric down. Calling names does not add to our credibility.
    also, at this point it is not a good idea for a candidate to be so closely associated to the Messenger Crowd. This is because due to past behavior we are considered to be trouble-maker radicals. Sorry, but this is my analysis.

    1. Hi Dr.

      First I do not think that Eduardo ever ran for president. Second If you think bringing the truth out is being a trouble maker then I am sorry for you.
      Third if you have a good candidate then bring the or she forward. Perhaps you would throw your hat in the ring. Do you know how much of her own money and time she spent. I am glad you said we because only the squeaky wheel gets anything done
      Think about it Bill come out of the darkness and run.

  4. Century Village (UCO) is suppose to get $3,534,399 from Broadband. I say give each Association $11,437.86. It would go long way in helping those Associations that are not as well off as others, especially after repairs from the last hurricane took a big chunk of our money!
    I am still sick about the paving job that took $5,000,000 of our money. And now we just put a new A/C unit in the Club House for about $800,000! We all moved into Century Village for the affordability of it and things just keep going up and up, and up!

  5. There are a number of people who made SCANDALS happen. They stepped forward and said “How can I help?” They demanded that the truth ring out loudly. I agree wholeheartedly, — if you live in Century Village, you must be heard, and what you say cannot be simply dumped into the trash bin. I firmly believe that matters have gotten so bad in CV with the stealing, mishandling of money, taking action for personal gain, not abiding by the law and rules and regulations, the demand for power and control, threatening people, intentional acts of misdeeds, and the creating of a mean-spirited, wicked dictatorship, —–that the people should demand that the entire governing administration step down and take their crooked methods and means to where hate exists.

    Century Village can be made whole again with an honest and dedicated Board of Governors. Realize that 7,856 Unit Owners, who are looking for justice can make ANYTHING happen. EDUARDO

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