CV Bylaw amendment proposals

Did the Executive board of UCO abdicate their responsibility at the latest meeting?
The meeting was held on the 31st December and was intended to bring the new bylaw amendment proposals to the executives for acceptance or rejection. Normally such an important topic would be the subject of intense scrutiny and thorough investigation. It’s sad to say that this was not the case.
After a short discussion on two amendments a motion was put forth to accept the rest of the bylaw amendment package without reviewing them .
The vote on the motion to accept the proposals was fifteen in favor of accepting the package to five against. All the UCO officers agreed to move forward without questioning, debating or reviewing just what those changes were.
There were many other Century Village unit owners in attendance at the meeting who were shocked and terribly disappointed because they had come to the meeting with high hopes and expectations of gaining some knowledge and offering some input about the proposed amendments . To say they were disappointed would be an understatement. Objections from CV residents were brushed aside by the committee who seemed only too happy to comply with the move to rush the proposals through the meeting .
It is important to note that only members of the Executive board had received copies of the proposed amendments in a package prepared by the Advisory Committee. There were no copies of the package available for anyone else . The package was forwarded to the members of the Executive board members by email, who received them a scant two weeks before this all important meeting. Keep in mind that the two weeks included the holiday season over Christmas when people were busy with holiday preparations and visits with their families.
During this brief meeting Anita Buchanan, the chair of the advisory committee acknowledged that she had made changes to the proposed bylaws because she had received and reviewd our white paper that dealt with the issues in depth. One of the changes was very important because it was statutory violation of the sunshine laws. An obvious oversight by the committee that could have gone forward if we had not brought it to their attention. Anita was more than willing to make the changes we suggested however the executive board after a long winded statement by a member of the executive board stating that the unit owners were in fact a vast majority don’t really care or participate in the matters concerning the village.
Another member of the executive board clearly stated that it made no difference whether the executive board examined or reviewed the proposed changes of the bylaws because any decision the executive board made doesn’t matter as the issue would be finalized by the delegates. However: it was strongly emphasized to the executive board that their decision once communicated to the delegates assembly would have an extreme influence on just how the delegates would vote.
Therefore; when the executive board doesn’t do what they are elected to do and states that what they do doesn’t matter, it brings up the question of why we need an executive board at all.
How do you as a stakeholder in Century Village feel about it? Can you have faith that the executive board is acting in your best interest? To walk away from such an important issue without doing due diligence leaves us wondering if the promise of electing representatives to act on our behalf is alive and well in Century Village.
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